Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead generation landing pages are used to collect prospect information so that you can begin to nurture your relationship by educating about what your organization does and how they can benefit. The goal is to convert them into a customer.

Landing Pages

A Landing Page, also known as a squeeze page or lead capture page, is a lead generation tool consisting of a great looking one-page website presenting an exciting offer with a short data collection form. The expressed purpose of a landing page is to create leads for your organization by collecting a prospect’s information.

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Click-Through Pages

A Click-Through Page, or squeeze page, is one of the most common forms of Landing Pages. You’ll find a great looking page that will give you “just enough” information about a product to get you interested. A clear “call-to-action” button is used, and when clicked, the prospect is redirected to a page with more details about the product along with a shopping cart connection.

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Features of an Effective Landing Page

  • Single focused purpose
  • Make the offer very clear
  • Use a video when possible to promote the “Why”!
  • Repeat the “Why”in writing by answer the question “What’s in it for me?”
  • State the qualifications required.
  • Have a clear “Call to Action” that you want the visitor to take … such as fill out a form or email or call a #.
  • Make sure you have a statement or proof that you are a creditable organization.

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