Increase Sales with “Chat” Lead Generation

Website Chat offers the highest satisfaction rating of any support channel. It can increase sales, provide immediate customer support and acquire new leads for your company.

Website “Chat” works 24/7 – even thought you don’t

Have you ever been online ready to buy a product or just had a question that the website didn’t answer? Digital-55’s Website Chat allows your visitors to engage in a real-time text conversation with a live representative to answer simple questions.  If the customer has a question that is a little more complex, we request the customer’s contact info and forward it to you with their question so you can contact them and close the sale.

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Provide Support

When customers need help, they want you to be immediately available to them. Of course your website provides a phone # and email but that only works if they are willing to reach out to you.

24/7 a Digital-55 representatives can talk with your customer, acknowledge their issue and send you a message to reach out to them the next morning.

How much is a new Lead worth to you?

This Chat tool works.  It will create new Leads for you if you have web traffic. 

During business hours your sales team can be alerted and contact the customer.  In off hours – we will collect customer info and their question and email it to you so the sales team can follow-up.

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