Improve productivity – Gain greater results.

Digital-55 can help you implement a cloud-based workflow solution that manages your forms, reports, booking keeping and services, helping you improve productivity and produce greater results from the same size staff.

Workflow Features:

  • Discovery & analysis allow joint development of strategies
  • Mobile friendly solutions
  • Dashboards to help companies and customers track progress
  • Monitor project workflow execution

Digital-55 has experience creating:

  • Instant Quote Tools
  • Order Management Systems
  • Customized Forms
  • CMS/CMMS Solutions
  • ERP Systems

When integration is required, we have the ability to work with API and other 3rd party solutions. Our Simple & Easy CRM is a very flexible, robust tool that can be used successfully in a variety of workflow solutions. There are a large variety of software modules that can be added to your workflow depending on your unique needs and requirements.

Workflow FAQs

Digitize your workflow - baby steps

Digitizing your organizations workflow is likely something you know you need to do but can be a daunting task that you just never start.  We suggest a Process Review which will establish a transition strategy that will allow this process to occur in a manner that doesn’t disrupt your budget or company production.

Will this allow my staff to be more productive?

An updated Order Management System can simplify order induction which will free up time of experienced staff allowing them to handle other projects.

Can your customer monitor their order status?

Client logins to check the status of their own order is a reality.  Imagine not fielding calls from customers asking the status of their order.  How would you reallocate the time spent answering those questions?

Need improved productivity and greater results?