Simple & Easy CRM

Our cloud-based CRM is simple to setup and easy to use, allowing companies to connect lead generation, communications, and big data analytics into one effective tool.

Cloud Based CRM- Customer Relationship Management Software

Integration & Customization

Your CRM should be the hub from which sales, marketing, and communications flow. The Simple & Easy CRM platform has built in messaging tools to help accomplish that goal. The platform can be setup to work with landing pages and auto response systems as well.

Lead Generation

Every business is looking for solid lead generation programs to feed prospect information to the CRM. Our Simple & Easy CRM is able to integrate a campaign communication platform, customized instant quote tools, as well as our anonymous website visitor identification tool into the CRM.

Manage Your Business, Not Your Software

Our basic Simple & Easy CRM has been built specifically for small and medium size businesses. We offer affordable pricing and customization as needed. If the software you are using has an API, it is likely it can be integrated into this platform. Our Support Team will be available during your business hours and 24/7 in an emergency.

Simple & Easy CRM FAQs

Why is CRM adoption rate for Salespeople so low?

Many experienced sales people think they know how to manage their own accounts and relationships best and they don’t need a CRM.  Management often says YOU HAVE TO USE THIS CRM!  How do we solve this age-old dilemma?

  • Sales needs something simple they can work with – like Simple & Easy CRM
  • Management needs something they can use to track the sales opportunity funnel and other analytics – like with the Simple & Easy CRM.

Most organizations only use 3-4% of their CRM’s capability because they bought a CRM package that was more powerful than they needed.  This creates 

  • massive training issues for salespeople and
  • low adoption rates.

Organizations need a simple CRM that is easy to use (good for sales) and can scale as needed by the organization when new features are needed.


What happens when sales person quits and take their phones with them?

This should scare business owners … when sales people quit, they take their phones with them and THAT PHONE is loaded with your customers and their information.  They take your customers’ info to their next employer.

You need a CRM that everyone used to prevent this!

There are so many CRMs to choose from - how do you decide?

There are a lot of CRMs available and many have a well-known name, good reviews and expensive price tags.  But the question is “What do you need?”  Many people are finding that the Simple and Easy CRM is a great place to start because it is exactly that … simple and easy.  Then, as a business needs additional features added, we can turn on optional modules that integrate lead generation, one-touch dialing, instant quote tools, accounting & bookkeeping and more.

Need improved productivity and greater results?