Big Data is now available for Small Business

Small and medium size businesses can reap the benefits of the massive amounts of online data about their business to make wise, data-driven decisions to grow their business.

For many small businesses, the use of data technology has been mostly out of reach due to financial constraints and lack of in-house expertise but that is no longer the case.

There are many ways that your small business can collect, analyze and make sense of data you already have without spending an arm and a leg.

But you have to know where to look and how to interpret the data – that’s where we can help.

Rich sources of data you already have:

  • Google Analytics Data
  • CRM Data
  • POS (Point of Sale) Data
  • Credit Card Data

We can convert this information into growth strategies for your business and help you predict the future!

Google Analytics Data

You don’t need expensive software or high priced consultants to begin gathering data.  You can start with something you already have – your website.

Google Analytics is a web traffic monitoring tool that is already installed on your website (or should be) and it is FREE!  It provides all kinds of data about individual customer purchase patterns

  • Where they came from
  • Did they use social media to find you
  • How long they were on the site
  • What they looked at
  • Were they a mobile visitor

Maybe you don’t understand this tool or how to interpret the information – engage Digital-55 to help.  This is free data.  By not using this information it is possible you could be making decisions that are hurting your business.

CRM Data

Customer relationship management (CRM) software (like Simple & Easy CRM) can provide a wealth of small business intelligence.

  • Lead generation and tracking
  • Sales pipeline forecasting
  • Sales team wins, losses & follow-thru
  • Trends, strengths and weaknesses, and
  • Profitability analysis.

Understand Sales Training Needs

  • How many times you speak with a customer to get the sale
  • How many days it takes your customer to pay you
  • Does a “late paying customer” get deep discounts on the next order?
  • Duplicate techniques used by your best sales people for others.

Protect Your Customer Information

Without an active CRM, your sales people are using their phone to store customer contact info.  And when they quit – they take all of your customer information with them – and you virtually give your customer list to their new employer.  You need to protect this valuable asset. 

POS Data

Extract hidden data from your POS System to reveal customer information you need to grow your business.

Improve knowledge about your customers

  • Individual purchase patterns
  • Hidden purchase patterns and timing
  • Predict a customers future needs
  • Increase customer retention

Marketing Tips

  • Easily identify your loyal customers
  • Know your high value customers
  • Create targeted campaigns for loyalty club
  • Track redemption from print, email & mobile

Credit Card Transactions

Credit card transactions are packed with information that can be used to reveal all sorts of purchasing trends.  This information can mean different things to different businesses.  Data can:

  • Show sales performance
  • Monitor buying habits
  • Evaluate customers and customer segments
  • Identify top customers for rewards
  • Improve promotions and loyalty programs
  • Measure customer loyalty and engagement
  • Watch sales trends develop through purchase histories
  • Launch more effective marketing campaigns
Ready to dig into this?
  • Value
  • Risk

Hidden Value

Digital-55 will partner with you to extract hidden data from your POS systems or we can analyze other purchase reporting solutions to reveal customer information you need to grow your business.

Big Data FAQs

Will Big Data let you predicting the Future?

Big Data will allow you to understand more about your business and more about your customers.  This will allow you to make educated business decisions and logically predict the future!


What industries can benefit from Big Data?

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Service industries
  • and more.

Want Big Data to increase and retain customers?