93% of all text messages are opened and viewed within 30 seconds of receipt

When a Text comes in do you look at it?  We all do! 

If you react when a text comes in – don’t you think everyone does.  It’s this easy to setup;

  • Upload your opt-in list,
  • Compose your message, and
  • Click “send”. 
  • Reports will tell you if it was delivered to your contacts phone.
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Your customers will respond to Text Marketing

Retail businesses should be testing

  • Are you running a sale? Text your customers. 
  • Is there construction in your area?  Text your customers the best way to reach you. 

Only text them if you have something important to say – don’t wast their time – this is a valuable tool not to be abused!  

High Schools, Colleges, & Universities

The best way to reach students is SMS text messaging. Let them know about closings, cancellations, traffic or construction issues, emergency alerts, last minute updates & reminders.

Restaurant & Bars should be texting

Get permission and then remind your customers about Happy Hour Specials, new, exciting menu items and BOGO’s.  They will appreciate the information and you will have a loyal customer.

Churches – want families to attend?  Text them.

Event cancelled due to weather – text it!  Water main break – text the change in directions!  Service time change – they will appreciate it.  Texting is immediate – email is delayed for many.

Ready to get started?