Transactional Email

Have you ever made an online purchase and immediately received a followup email confirming the transaction? That’s transactional email and, if utilized correctly, it can help reinforce your brand and build credibility with your customers.

Very High Open Rates

People are looking for this email

  • Bought something online – you are expecting a receipt.
  • Purchased an airline ticket – you are looking for your confirmation email.
  • Sign up for your newsletter – they expect you to send an approval.

You have their attention – don’t waste it!

Remind customers about your products and services 

  • Tell them about an offer on your landing page
  • Create a great lead capture page
  • Send an email or text with a “can’t say no” coupon or offer.


Customers want your information if it is valuable, informative and educational!

Prove to your customers you value them by sending amazing offers using

  • An Auto-Response Email
  • Triggered Email
  • Sequenced Email series (2-8 emails)

Maybe you don’t understand how this work – let Digital-55 explain it!  

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