Inbound Email Management

Our Inbound Email Management tool automatically forwards email traffic to the correct person based on a variety of triggers in our system, providing you quicker response to customers, increased employee productivity, and optimized email & CRM workflow.

Digital-55 can help you easily manage:

  • Unclassified Email
  • Auto-Reply
  • Change of Address
  • Customer Service
  • Newsletters Comments
  • Renewal Requests
  • Rate Requests
  • Subscription Inquires
  • Registrations
  • Cancellations
  • Unsubscribes
  • Out of the Office
  • Spam

Managing In-Bound Email sounds complicated but once parameters are defined is is fairly simple to manage.

Let’s schedule a time to talk so you can learn how this tool can save your time and better serve your customers!

Ready to save time with Inbound Email Management?