TPS Career Tech Case Study

TPS’s Career Tech program needed stronger enrollment. We met – we listened – and created a digital marketing strategy to help solve the problem. Due to dedicated administration, teachers, and maybe a little influence of the tools we created…enrollment is up 75%

Web Development

We designed the online platform that displays the videos and allow parents & students to request specific information about each Career Tech program.  Digital-55 did not code this page, we collaborated with another trusted TPS partner on this element.

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Video Marketing

We created a series of engaging, fast paced video trailers to visually demonstrate the fun, skills and benefits each Career Tech program offers the students.

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Graphic Design – Custom Presentation PPT

We design an engaging, image heavy power point presentation to help teachers easily introduce students and parents to the benefits offered by the Career Tech curriculum. 

Does your organization need to appeal to a highly diverse audience?