Duke University Health System Case Study

CHALLENGE – In 2013, Duke found us online using a CRM search. They explained that they were notified by a Silicon Valley company that in 6 months they were no longer going to support the CRM solution they were using. Duke asked if we could create an Order Management System that would solve their problem.

The Solution

Using our CRM as a foundation,  we successfully created an Order Management System that was tested and live​ within the 6-month time frame. Version 4 was recently rolled out providing Duke Health with a more robust and complete solution. 

  • Platform is cloud based – accessible 24/7
  • As a mobile solution it allows for immediate approvals from anywhere

The Result

 The system is managing 60,000 assets … if they need to order a light bulb or an MRI machine it goes through this platform.  Our solutions continue to be stable, reliable and flexible.

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