Almondina Case Study

They make one of the most addicting cookies/biscuits you have every tasted! Now we needed to help them tell the story with their website, eCommerce platform, updated videos, still photography and email marketing strategy.

Web Development

We all taste things first with our eyes.  This website had to sell the cookies in two ways;

  • Sell the taste of the product with your eyes and
  • Setup an eCommerce platform that successfully completes the transaction
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Video Marketing

Almondina had a video that was 7+ years old that desperately needed to be updated.  Important aspects to include:

  • Keep the history and references to Grandma from the old country
  • Live footage from the baking facility
  • Smiling faces eating the cookies in a variety of settings
  • Accurately telling  the story
  • Creating a version for retail and distributors.


Working with the owners and management team, we set up a live shoot to capture video and stills needed to Tell The Story!

Results Speak for Themselves

“The website is beautiful and immediately started to generate sales when it went live. The videos are fun and engaging.  I am confident that sales are good if for no reason other than what I spend on a regular basis. My family and I love this healthy all-natural snack.”

Tom Moore

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